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«Vodka» is a Polish and Russian word that means «water», ironic name since it is colorless and a bit dense. Vodka is colorless liquor that tends to be of fermented grain though it may be fermented from any plant with a high level of starch. This liquor is typical of Russia and Poland and so, strikingly, it is extremely popular in El Salvador. It is made of water and alcohol and some minimum percentage of condiments. Its alcoholic graduation ranges from 30 to 60 by volume, being 40 abv the traditional percentage of Russian vodka. Rye fermented vodka is considered the best. The problem with vodka is that, as its preparation is quite simple, every country ferments the more economic vegetable with starch and that is the reason why we never find two vodkas alike.

If you are thinking of giving a party or an event where drinks will be served, you should never forget vodka. Neat or mixed, always very cool, vodka is an inevitable ingredient in any given party with drinks. From tiny frozen glasses in which neat Russian vodka is served to long glasses with fruit juices and vodka, this liquor is always welcome.

Vodka is also good to combine and mix in a drink with other liquors such as: rum, tequila and some eau-de-vie. Though vodka does not have many secrets, it is important to follow the rule that states vodka must be cool in any preparation -be it with juices, liquors, ice or just neat, the beverage must be really cool to completely enjoy it. It is a common mistake to leave vodka outside the fridge and serve it on the rocks -liquid must be really cold.


Vodka is one of the strongest liquors and must be cautiously treated. As not many West people like drinking vodka neat, it is usually mixed with fruit juices. This results in a delicious drink, but people do not realize its alcohol content. If it is served in drinks with fruit juice, vodka is not perceived as strong and people tend to drink more than they should. That is the reason why we must be careful when making drinks with vodka.

Vodka is not a quality liquor per se; however, it is convenient to buy a reliable brand. Making vodka is too simple and many people thing: «What if I prepare vodka and sell it?». These people surely do not conform to hygienic or nutrition conditions nor to care or necessary preparation to make good vodka. That is why when buying vodka; you should buy a reliable one.

Next we will enumerate drinks prepared with vodka:

Bloody Mary:

Two parts vodka, two parts and a half tomato juice, lemon juice and two drops of Tabasco sauce and a touch of Worcestershire sauce. All ingredients are mixed in a glass except the tomato juice. Then you pour the tomato juice.

White Russian:

One part vodka, one part cocoa cream, one part of cream and nutmeg. Mix everything with chopped ice in a cocktail shaker and pour into glasses with ice.


60% orange juice and 40% vodka.

Sex on the Beach:

50 cc (1.9 oz) of vodka, 40 cc (1.3 oz) of tonic water, 80 cc (2.7 oz) of cherry juice and 80 cc (2.7 oz) of pineapple juice. All ingredients mixed and shaken in a long glass with ice. (This is only one way to fix this drink).

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