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Champagne is a sparkling wine that comes from the French region known as Champagne, and it is elaborated with champenoise method. This method has two fermentation phases. The first one is made, as with any wine, in fermentation barrels. The second one is made within the bottle. In this second phase sugar is added to the liquid in the bottle so that it ferments and produces carbon dioxide that dissolves with the liquid since the bottle is closed. As sugar produces sediment, the bottle is placed for weeks at 45oC (113oF) and it is periodically turned so that the sediment lies in the neck of it. After a while, the neck of the bottle is frozen, then the bottle is opened and the carbon dioxide expels the solid content. Finally, the rest of the liquid is completed with the «exception liquor», which gives each type of champagne its particular sweetness —brut, semi-dry, etc. and then it is closed.


Champagne is considered a festive beverage. It tends to be drunk after meals, after a considerably long time. Nonetheless, it is also served as an appetizer with canapés. It is usually drunk by itself, not mixed, but there are, however, some precautions as regards this sparkling wine:

• Champagne cocktail:

Very cold champagne, a lump of sugar, half measure of brandy, bitter Angostura. The lump is put inside a champagne glass and it is moistened with bitter Angostura. Then, brandy is added and afterwards champagne, while slightly stirring.

• Submarine:

Champagne and blue curaçao. Both ingredients are blended and a cherry is added.

• Champagne cocktail:

Two spoonfuls of sugar, three drops of Angostura, half measure of brandy and very cold champagne.

• Champagne with lemon ice cream:

Lemon ice cream is mixed with champagne in a glass and is served as a dessert in events.

• Orange champagne:

Orange skin spirally cut, curaçao and champagne. The skin is put inside a wide glass and some curaçao is poured. Then, champagne is poured and it is slowly stirred.

• Champagne Cup:

Four spoonfuls of sugar, six measures of sparkling water and two cups of cold champagne. All ingredients are blended and a few leawes of mint or a dry fruit are added.

• Caribbean champagne:

Half spoonful of white rum, half spoonful of banana liquor, a slice of banana, bitter champagne and orange essence. The liquor, orange essence, rum are poured into a wide very cold glass. Then, the champagne is poured and the slice of banana is put —the banana slice can be replaced with a banana.

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