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The word «sake» in Japan means «alcoholic beverage» but in the West it is used to designate an alcoholic Japanese beverage elaborated with rice that in Japanese is called «nohonshu» with an alcoholic wrade of 15 abv. Rice grain has in its center the starch and in its exterior proteins ant oil. These two last elements leave a bitter taste; that is the reason why rice is polished. This process is not harmful since, after all, starch is fermented. There are several types of sake:

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• honjozo-shu (???):

This type has an alcohol addition that hides the strongest flavors.

• junmai-shu (???):

This type of sake is exclusively made with rice, with no distilled alcohol addition. At least 30% of polished rice is taken out.

• ginjo-shu (???):

50% of polished rice taken out. No distilled alcohol.

• daiginjo-shu (????):

50-70% of polished rice taken out. No distilled alcohol.

Sake can be drunk cold, warm or hot in little glass or pottery glasses. The temperature at which it is served depends on two factors —the season and the liking of the one drinking it. Hot sake is drunk in wintertime and cold sake in summer time. However, the one drinking decides. It is said that when sake is served warm or hot has a quicker effect since the body assimilates alcohol quicker.

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Japanese sake
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