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Wine is an alcoholic beverage obtained from the fermentation of must or grape juice due to the brewer’s yeast’s action that transforms the sugar of grape into alcohol and carbon dioxide. This is the typical beverage to accompany meals. As opposed to appetizers, long drinks and beer, wine is drunk when eating a main course or a starter. Obviously, Champagne is an exception since it can be drunk anytime. To accompany different meals, different wines are used - starters and white meat courses go with white wine, and red meat and pasta courses with red wine. White wine is drunk really cold and in small glasses.

Here we will discuss the different types of wine. We recommend that you ask before buying the wine for an event since many people drink only one type of wine. Remember that not all wines go with meals - sparkling wines are to drink between meals.

Hennessy cognac

Red wines:

Manufactured with red grapes. Since color is in the skin of the grape, both skin and must are fermented. After 20 days of fermentation devatting starts. Red wine can age in pools or wooden barrels. Pools are used so that wine can keep its fruit taste whereas barrels store and age aging wines.

White wines:

Manufactured with white or red grapes. If it is done with red grapes, skin must be separated immediately so that is does not dye the preparation. Though it is not common for white wine to age, there are some white aging wines.

Pink wines:

As we have mentioned, white wine can be prepared with red grapes as long as you take the skin out immediately since this will dye the wine. When preparing pink wines you have to take the skin out but after a certain amount of time and therefore they are slightly dyed.

Claret wines:

Its elaboration is similar to that of red wine but with a given percentage of white grape. The presence of this type of grape makes the red grape’s color lighter.

Sparkling wine:

Bubbles on these wines are due to the presence of carbon dioxide in its elaboration in the second fermentation within a close container. Wine quality depends on, among other things, the container’s quality where it is fermented. Sparkling wines are:

Cava or champagne:

It is obtained in the second fermentation in a bottle.


Fermentation is done in big containers. Once this process finishes, wine is poured into bottles to end its aging process.

Great Vas:

It is similar to the previous one but in big pressurized containers.

Gasified wine:

The big difference with sparkling wine is that carbon dioxide is artificially put after its elaboration.

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