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Cognac is an alcoholic beverage of the like of eau-de-vie elaborated from white grape. Its name comes from the city where it was discovered, Cognac, in the French department called Charante. The captivating and exclusive flavor of cognac is due to its particular distillation method and the type of oak in which it is stored.

Cognac is divided into three categories that refer to the type of eau-de-vie according to aging. The category called «Three Stars» refers to over two-year-and-half-cognacs. The category called «Very Superior Old Pale» - «VSOP»- refers to at least four-and-a-half-year cognacs. Finally, «Napoleon», «X.O», «Vieille Rèserve» and some others are six-and-a-half-year cognacs and can reach up to forty years. However, aging is not the only factor to bear in mind on the label too to know its quality. The region where it is made is important to know its quality. Cognac’s region is divided into six zones -Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies, Fines Bois, Bons Bois and Bois Ordinaires, being each one producer of a different quality cognac. The more desired ones are those from the zones of Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne. Some labels have the word «Fine» before the region where cognac comes from. The labels with «Fine Champagne» refer to high quality cognacs that mix cognacs of both Champagne.

Cognac is usually served after meals in its famous wide bottom glasses. Some state that the glass must be drunk from the bottom and not from the top since hand’s heat is transmitted to the liquid making it reach the ideal temperature.


Next we will mention the drinks made with cognac.

• French connection:

50 cc (1.7 oz) of brandy and 30 cc (1 oz) of amaretto liqueur. Pour both ingredients in a glass with lots of ice and stir.

• Metropolitan:

50 cc (1.7 oz) of brandy and 30 cc (1 oz) of red Vermouth, a spoonful of Flower sugar and a dash of bitter Angostura. All ingredients are shaken in a cocktail shaker with ice and then pour into a martini glass.

• Apple Blossom:

50 cc (1.7 oz) of brandy, 30 cc (1 oz) of apple juice, 15 cc (0.5 oz) of lemon juice. All ingredients are poured into a glass with ice and stir until they become homogenous.

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