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This site is a practical guide about alcohol. Our goal is to advise you on the characteristics of the different alcoholic beverages so that you can decide what to buy to give a party or just to enjoy yourself. Throughout this site you will find different beverage descriptions together with their specific features, their possible combinations, their use to prepare drinks and the way they are manufactured. As you can see, the sections of this site deal with both fermented and distilled beverages. This is so because we want to be exhaustive about it not to leave anyone aside and respect everyone’s taste. This site wants to achieve two things ?advise you on the purchase and inform you about what you are buying. If you are aware of this, you probably have good ideas to delight your guests in a party and to begin to increase and teach your palate with new exquisite experiences.

Alcohol is something tricky. If you are careful and moderate, you will find wonderful sensations drinking it; but if you are not, you will only have bad memories. Let’s remember alcohol is not food but pleasure; it is not necessary and it must not be treated as food, something that is vital for us, since it nourishes us.

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In the different sections of this site you will find not only a description of the beverage but also the recipes to prepare delicious drinks mixing them with fruits and other beverages. Besides, by knowing the characteristics of each one of these beverages, you will be able to fix your own drinks, knowing beforehand how to combine the ingredients to achieve a good result. Do not limit yourself and use your creativity since no one but you can find that irreplaceable drink.

Do not forget some key guidelines when serving alcohol to guests. For sure, one of the most important things is to offer drinks after serving canapés or some kind of solid food to avoid people getting drunk and spoiling the party. You also have to bear in mind that alcohol is addictive if you do not control its consumption. Do not underestimate the effects of excessive alcohol consumption. Drink moderately and enjoy the drink. Try buying quality products. However, do not make a fetish of this leaving aside real quality products that are not so expensive. If a product is expensive, this does not mean it is of quality, and if it is economic, it does not mean it lacks quality. It is important to know this since many people think they know about alcohol because they buy expensive or collection products. True knowledge lies in knowing how to enjoy and choose what we like, and not buying always the most expensive things.

Welcome to this site about alcohol purchase. We hope to be as helpful as possible. Thank you for your visit and for choosing us to plan with you the purchase of these magical elixirs. We invite you to surf this site, which has been thought for you.

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